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We would like to announce a new policy concerning the sale of our dolls.  We would like to discourage the practice of buying dolls for the purpose of reselling them.  Our  collectors have to wait a long time for their dolls.  We really don't want to extend their waiting time while we paint batches of dolls for speculators.  New policy;  We will only accept orders for 2 dolls at a time unless you clear it with us and we authorize a larger order. 

Please note that if we see our dolls pop up on Ebay and it seems apparent that some opportunist is at work,  we will cut off future sales to that individual.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Dianna and Geri

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Please watch for special vinyl dolls from
other team members of the Doll Dreamer's Guild on this site.
Stay tuned for more to Come!

Doll Artist Dianna Effner, along with other members of the Doll Dreamer's Guild invite you
into the studio to show you our porcelain and vinyl dolls.
Many of the dolls shown on this site have been painted and adorned in American studios
by American guild artisans with a sincere committment
to fine craftsmanship and artistic excellence.

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