As of August 26th 2017 Dianna is working on orders received in July 2016.

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Dear Collectors,

Just wanted to say a few words on the subject of Ebay auctions from the artist's standpoint. We see quite a few Little Darlings going for way more than the price we are asking for them. Folks that can afford to pay high prices are buying them because they don't want wait a long time for us to paint a doll. As most of you know those of us who take orders are way behind. I am about 15 months behind at this time and I have stopped taking more orders until I get somewhat caught up. I never dreamed when I first designed the Little Darling dolls that they would be so much in demand and would fetch such prices. We don't blame collectors for selling dolls on Ebay. Some collectors like to buy and sell and there are many reasons why a collector would decide to sell a doll. We paint dolls for collectors and we respect the right of the collectors to sell the dolls as they see fit. However, sometimes it seems that there are folks who buy dolls with the intention of selling them for easy profit. We don't like to see that and we don't like to paint dolls for those individuals. We have spent many years mastering this skill and we put our heart and soul into each doll we paint. It doesn't seem right for someone to make many times more than we do by just selling the dolls on Ebay.

Those of us who take orders have, for the most part. refrained from selling on Ebay out of consideration for the folks who have been waiting long for the dolls that they have on order. However, we do feel that we have just as much right to sell dolls on Ebay as anyone else. We introduced the #3 sculpt on Ebay. We might offer a doll on Ebay from time to time if, for example, someone orders a custom doll and then decides not to take the doll for some reason after the doll has been painted. Some people think we should sell all our dolls on Ebay and not take orders. Living with the pressure of being so far behind makes that idea rather appealing. But we honor our commitments so for now we are bound to spend most of our time painting Little Darlings for our collectors who are waiting for a doll.

Yours Sincerely,

Dianna Effner


We would like to announce a new policy concerning the sale of our dolls.  We would like to discourage the practice of buying dolls for the purpose of reselling them.  Our  collectors have to wait a long time for their dolls.  We really don't want to extend their waiting time while we paint batches of dolls for speculators.  New policy;  We will only accept orders for 2 dolls at a time unless you clear it with us and we authorize a larger order. 

Please note that if we see our dolls pop up on Ebay and it seems apparent that some opportunist is at work,  we will cut off future sales to that individual.  Thank you for your cooperation.  Dianna and Geri

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