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<< Attention Collectors on the Little Darlings order list.>>

Progress report as of September 22, 2015:
Dianna is finishing up orders from September 2013
Anyone who has ordered a doll from before September of 2013
and is still waiting should contact us right away.
Geri is finishing orders from August 2014.

We will try to update this report monthly. Thank you for your patience.

Doll Artist Dianna Effner, along with other members of the Doll Dreamer's Guild invite you
into the studio to show you our porcelain and vinyl dolls.
Many of the dolls shown on this site have been painted and adorned in American studios
by American guild artisans with a sincere committment
to fine craftsmanship and artistic excellence.

We are eager to share the joys of collecting, costuming and crafting dolls and all the things
that go with dolls. We will be showing you our latest creations
in basic dolls, special editions, Artist /Designer dolls and one of a kinds in addition to the
manufactured editions. We will also be be offering the finest in
supplies and accessories for dolls and for doll making as well as on-line
demos and classes for every doll enthusiast.

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