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 Introducing One-of-a-Kind 13" Artist/Designer Studio Dolls

Hello Collectors

Regretfully many collectors have been waiting a very long time for their dolls. The problem, in my case. is the number of orders and my limited time to paint. In April this year I was already a year behind. Then I lost almost 4 months due to illness and other obligations. I am just now getting back on track with filling orders but my time for painting is still limited. I can paint 6-8 dolls a week on an average week.

In April of 2013 we opened the floodgates and I started taking orders again after having stopped for a while. We got a glut of orders in April and May and at some point I had to stop taking orders again. This past April I was working on April 2013 orders and I was about a year behind. For the rest of the spring and summer very little painting got done due to the factors I mentioned before. When I started painting again recently I was still working on April 2013 and nearly 18 months behind. I have just painted the last April 2013 order and I am starting on May of 2013. The May 2013 list is very long and will take me several weeks to complete. If anyone ordered a doll before April 2013 and has not heard from us, please contact us.

The good news is that after May we have just a few orders each month and I should be able to catch up fairly rapidly. I will post an update when I start on the next month of orders, June 2013. I will post again with each new month. Maybe this will help collectors who are waiting have an idea when to expect their doll and they won't have to Email us. We have been spending a lot of time each day answering emails.

If you are waiting for a doll please know that we care and we are doing our best. We greatly appreciate your continued patience.

Your Devoted Doll Artist,

Dianna Effner

P.S. Geri is working on February orders now. Will post updates for her as well.

Dear Collectors,
I find myself once again overwhelmed with orders and
regretfully announce that there will be a hold on orders for a while.

Thank you for understanding.

Your Devoted Doll Artist,

Dianna Effner


(Includes Underwear. Shoes and socks can be purchased separately.)


(Includes Underwear. Shoes and socks can be purchased separately.)


(Includes Underwear. Shoes and socks can be purchased separately.)


(Includes Underwear. Shoes and socks can be purchased separately.)


(Includes Underwear. Shoes and socks can be purchased separately.)


(Includes Underwear. Shoes and socks can be purchased separately.)


(Includes Underwear. Shoes and socks can be purchased separately.)

SOLD OUT "It's A Girl Thing, Katie"
Studio Doll:  Artist/Designer Costumed Edition (Only 10 available)

This perky blue eyed blonde is already an expert in the field of Shopping.  
Her friends seek her advise in making their selections but Katie
always knows what she likes, what's in and what works.  

This edition was intended as a Show Special for IDEX but
because of bad weather she didn't make it in time.  
Consequently she is now available to our on-line customers.  Everything was done by hand in the
studio from painting her blue eyes to making her clogs and shoulder bag.

Please watch for special vinyl dolls from
other team members of the Doll Dreamer's Guild on this site.
Stay tuned for more to Come!

Introducing Dianna's New Special Edition Vinyl Studio Dolls.

There are 2 different sculpts called Little Darling #1 and Little Darling #2. Dianna will be custom painting these dolls on demand. She is introducing a series of characters derived from the 2 sculpts. See them here at thedollstudio.com as they are available to order. Now you can order basic dolls which come with a slip and panties, shoes and socks. New patterns from designer Nedra Newson are also available for these dolls. Costumed dolls are coming soon.

Attention Collectors! Please read this before ordering.

Dear Collectors,

We are a very small company made up of family members and friends. My son, Ivan is our web guy. He also manages Expressions, our other small company. We don't have a high tech automated system like the big dogs such as Ebay. Everything must be done manually by Ivan. There will be a time lag before ivan can post the "SOLD" sign when a doll sells. These dolls are selling so quickly. The doll you "buy" may already be sold. If this occurs we will notify you by email as soon as possible and offer you 2 options. You can choose to have a refund or have a doll painted just for you by the artist. You can choose to have a doll similar to the one that was posted or you can request custom changes. We will send you a picture of the doll when finished for your approval.

These basic dolls are not intended as one-of-a-kinds. They will be duplicated at our and your discretion. We apologize in advance for any diappointment we may cause. Life sometimes brings disappointments.....but life is good! Our aim is to delight you with our creations. Thank you for your kind patience and understanding.

Doll-lightfully Yours,

Dianna Effner

The New Girl

School is about to begin.  The classroom is less "buzzy" this morning because..............there's a new girl in the classroom.    The girls in Miss Taylor's room are more quiet than usual.   They are quietly  wondering about the new girl,  except for Samantha who never stops chattering for long.  When school starts they know Miss Taylor will introduce the new girl and appoint a welcoming committee.  Annie is sure to be on the welcoming committee  because Annie is everyone's friend and she is not shy.  Isabelle is curious  about the new girl but she is a little shy.  She feels anxious for the new girl and wishes she can help to make her feel at home.   Amanda and Katie are taking note of what the new girl is wearing while trying not to get caught staring.   All around the classroom the wheels are turning and curious glances are flashing. 

Miss Taylor introduces the new girl.  Her name is Emily.  The welcoming committee is appointed, Annie, Isabelle and Katie are appointed to show Emily around during lunch and recess.  They all know the routine.  They come to the front of the class and shake her hand and say." Glad to make your acquaintance" (or something like that.)  It's hard to say that without a giggle.  The ice has been broken.  Emily smiles.  She thinks she is going to like her new school.

It's fun to create characters.  The doll will tell you their stories if you will listen closely.  We are making plans to have a place on line where you can show your dolls and maybe tell a story if you are so inclined.  

I will be inventing mini stories to introduce my characters.  These will lead to a main event bringing all the characters together.  

Stay tuned and discover more about my girls and their adventures as the story unfolds. 

Learn how you can create your own characters and stories and share them on-line.  

Meanwhile I will post pictures of dolls as they are available for sale or to order.  These girls are available in new basic and elegant basic.  They are in want of costumes.  I wish I had time to design their costumes but regretfully there is no time just now.   I know that some of you like to dress your dolls, so I offer these

Doll Artist Dianna Effner, along with other members of the Doll Dreamer's Guild invite you
into the studio to show you our porcelain and vinyl dolls.
Many of the dolls shown on this site have been painted and adorned in American studios
by American guild artisans with a sincere committment
to fine craftsmanship and artistic excellence.

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