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Hello Doll Lovers! | Welcome to my studio.

I have been designing and making dolls since the late 1970's. I moved into this studio,
located in Jamestown, Missouri, in 1990. Here my assistant Geri and I spend our days making dolls and
doing doll business. Here we also teach doll making and other related crafts. This year, 2008,
we decided to introduce thedollstudio.com to provide a place where doll people can learn fine
doll crafts and find quality dolls and supplies to enrich their doll hobby.

During the 1990's our main focus was to create new designs for Expressions.
Many molds, patterns, supplies and accessories can be seen on expressionsdolls.com

In 1999 we founded the Doll Dreamers Guild for the purpose of training instructors to teach
the realistic painting techniques that we have developed here.

Today the Doll Dreamers Guild has evolved into an association of professional doll artisans,
costume designers as well as dedicated instructors of doll making.

To qualify for professional status in the Doll Dreamers Guild a doll maker must successfully
complete a course of training in DEEP Technique and present a doll of masterpiece quality for evaluation
by professional members. Our costume designer members were admitted to the guild based on their
professional quality work in costume design and production.

Dolls designed and made by the Professional members of the Doll Dreamer's Guild will be regularly featured on this site.

Enjoy! | Dianna Effner

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